Monday, December 12, 2011

shameless self-promotion

Nothing feels more like shameless self-promotion than an page - here's mine -,except maybe a blog post about creating a new page.

This does, however, feel like a good topic to off a new blog.

I've had a couple of false starts with blogs. I think I have a good idea and then never have the time to follow through and do more than one post or part of a post that never gets published.

Also, and more importantly, what am I going to write about? Me? Who really wants to know? When I was putting up my page and it came to the part where you put in the "services" and I was putting up Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and FourSquare, I realized I already put a lot of the stuff I like online, so I might as well write about it.

So I'll post this and we'll see if I post some more. (If it will boost my Klout score I'm all over it).

Thanks for reading and I hope it won't be too boring.

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